Used tyres and tubes

Retread tyres

New tyres

Aircraft tyres, tyre fenders

OTR tyres

Solid tyres

Retread and vulcanizing materials

Butyl and Natural Rubber scrap

Fresh Arrivals

OTR Tyre 24.00 – 35 (48 PR)

OTR Tyre 16.00 – 25 (32 PR)

OTR Tyre 21.00 – 35 (36 PR)

OTR tyre 24.00 – 25 (24 PR)

OTR Tyre 17.5-25 (16PR)

OTR Tyre 23.5-25 (20 PR)

Aircraft Tyre 1270 x 455

Aircraft tyre 1140 x 350

Aircraft tyre 40 x 14


Retreading for all tyres including both pre cured and hot conventional process.

Tyre mounting and demounting for all kind of tubeless tyres and tube type tyres.

Foam filled tyres to pneumatic and solid tyre conversion along with appropriate wheel rim

Filling pneumatic tyres with anti-puncture tyre sealants for flat free service

Vulcanizing for tubeless tyres

Repair for all kind of tyres including OTR tyres.

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