Used tyres and tubes

Retread tyres

New tyres

Aircraft tyres, tyre fenders

OTR tyres

Solid tyres

Retread and vulcanizing materials

Butyl and Natural Rubber scrap

Fresh Arrivals

OTR Tyre 24.00 – 35 (48 PR)

OTR Tyre 16.00 – 25 (32 PR)

OTR Tyre 21.00 – 35 (36 PR)

OTR tyre 24.00 – 25 (24 PR)

OTR Tyre 17.5-25 (16PR)

OTR Tyre 23.5-25 (20 PR)

Aircraft Tyre 1270 x 455

Aircraft tyre 1140 x 350

Aircraft tyre 40 x 14


Used and new retread tyres for entire range of automobiles including two wheelers, cars, LCV, Truck/ Bus and HCV. OTR tyres and industrial tyres including tyres for earth moving equipments, construction equipments and wheel loaders. Agricultural and farm implement tyres for tractors, power tillers etc. Solid tyres, press on tyres and mould on wheel tyres for fork lifts and stackers. We specialise in used aircraft tyres that are used as fenders in boats. Aero tyres with their special characteristics of withstanding extreme temperatures are highly durable when used as fenders in vessels, boats and jetties. We specialise in supplying customized aero tyres as per the specifications to many shipping supply companies. We supply scrap tyres, butyl tubes scrap , flap scrap and NR tube scrap for recyclers. Retreading and vulcanizing materials. New tyres for all vehicles.

New Tyres and Tubes ( Application specific tyres)

OTR tyres/ Off Highway tyres

Solid resilient tyres/ Press on Band tyres/ Foam filled tyres

Aircraft tyres and OTR tyre fenders for shipping/ barge applications

Butyl tubes for all tyres including tubeless tyres

O rings and valves/ spud/ core for tubeless tyres

Tyre sealants for flat free service of pneumatic tyres

Retreading/ vulcanizing materials

Solid alternates for foam filled tyres

Wheel rims customized to all machinery

Used tyres and Retreaded tyres

Specialists in tyres for machineries like forklift, container handlers and Port application machineries, construction machineries like Mobile cranes, pick and carry cranes, Skid Steer, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Ariel lift, Telehandlers , concrete mixer machines, motor graders, vibrator rollers, airport machineries and earth moving equipment like wheel loaders, back hoe loaders, dozers and dump trucks.