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OTR Tyre 24.00 – 35 (48 PR)

OTR Tyre 16.00 – 25 (32 PR)

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OTR tyre 24.00 – 25 (24 PR)

OTR Tyre 17.5-25 (16PR)

OTR Tyre 23.5-25 (20 PR)

Aircraft Tyre 1270 x 455

Aircraft tyre 1140 x 350

Aircraft tyre 40 x 14

Welcome to Kamalam Tyres

We are leading dealers in used and new tyres, tubes and allied products based in Chennai. We are located in central business district of Chennai with easy accessibility.

Founded in 1997 we are a reliable name among the used tyre traders and buyers.

We specialise in both wholesale and retail trading. Our core activity is buying used tyres and other rubber products in bulk and we segregate and sell to the needs of small traders and vehicle owners customized to their needs. Our service includes retreading of tyres for entire range of automobiles including passenger car tyres, LCV tyres, HCV/ Truck tyres and OTR tyres as well as repairing of all tyres.

With spiralling rubber and petroleum prices and proportionate hike in new tyre prices we provide our customers an affordable alternative to new tyres.Before selling an used tyre to our customers we conduct a detailed study about the customer's vehicle, Vehicle's average distance covered per day as well as the average laden weight of the vehicle and we supply tyres according to the need of that particular vehicle. Our customers are delighted with the products which are economical as well as durable.

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